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PO Box 301, ONE TREE HILL, South Australia 5114
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Spanning a career of 20 years as a research zoologist in South Australia (Adelaide Zoo and CSIRO), Northern Territory and the UK specialising in amphibian field studies and captive animal management, researching the impact of uranium on frogs, and creating a world-class primate breeding facility.

Moving into IT roles as a technician, operations and project manager then broader management positions, before combining skills into public-private R&D. This role was as a Research Manager for Pork CRC, managing projects worth over $200 million, creating a competitive and high quality Australian pork industry through the impact of research outcomes.

Software development and project management was identified as skills gaps by the CRC for an Internationally Competitive Pork Industry. Joining a team of three with a 50% time allocation to increase the number of projects which numbered around twenty at that time. This number expanded to over 150 in the next four years which required a much greater effort to manage multiple projects and the role evolved into a research management along with education management, IT and communications responsibilities.

Experience across sectors includes agriculture, banking and finance, call centres, education, government, health, IT, meat, pork, R&D, utilities, and zoology sectors, with a great deal of experience gained in negotiations, teamwork and leadership.

With capabilities in editing, governance, introducing and implementing effective R&D portfolio (public and private), leadership and operations management, project and program management, software development, hardware implementation and technology roll outs.

As an intelligent disruptor, key questions to ask include what is working, and working well, are there ways to do it better, and what methodology might best fit?

Advising in strategic portfolio management across numerous industry sectors and governments, spearheading IMAP systems engagement initiatives, to track current and future performance and outcomes.

Interested in interim or outsourced project management roles, as well as board positions, with a focus on developing key relationships with trust and an honest, open approach.

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