Soul Archaeology

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69 Myrtle Road, Seacliff, South Australia 5049
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Soul Archaeology’s purpose is to see every 5-8 year old in the world with their own 8 minute daily meditation practice!

Suzanne Thompson is the founder Soul Archaeology – A heartfelt service for children, their parents & educators. Assisting the child in every moment, with what they are experiencing. As a translator of timeless wisdom into real-world practical application, my service is to assist YOU (yes everyone) in the direction YOU crave but maybe never experienced. Guiding YOUR transformation to YOUR best version, by introducing YOU to destressifying practices and tools to help YOU better understand and interact with YOURSELF, YOUR environment & all of those around YOU!

Soul Archaeology’s heartfelt tools are a pathway for children and their teachers to lean into Life as a journey filled of Love & Community.

The greatest transformation is when someone develops loving kindness and unconditional friendship with the Self.

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