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Mindful Resilience programs are strongly committed to the idea that knowledge and awareness leads to prevention. Their main aim is to ‘nip issues in the bud’ before they become a personal and financial burden to  the workplace.  We bring expertise gained from many years of observing a  wide range of work environments and diverse groups, bridging work with personal life and understanding that the two cannot be separated.

We draw from cutting edge modalities including  positive psychology, nutrition, mind/body medicine, mindfulness, neurolinguistics as well as neuro change solutions and HeartMath techniques.

Their training goes beyond learning.  It’s an experience that includes, breath work, mindfulness strategies, gentle movement and visualisation techniques using music as well as a number of cognitive strategies. 

Participants take away a personalised plan of action which they can implement daily for sustained results. Workplaces are encouraged to take on wellness awareness and will want to reap the many benefits and advantages of employees who know how to identify and manage their own and their colleagues’ wellbeing. 

 One on one and small group mentoring is also available to help sustain and embed the learning long-term.

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