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Your quality of life will be determined by your health.

                     Garry Schilling


One thing that Herbalife gave me thats not scales related or clothing related is knowledge. 🥰 Before herbalife i was a couch potato, i had no interest in sports or fitness or the gym or sweating ever. For me it was the worst thing on earth that i was allergic to hahahha. Even when i started Herbalife i didnt straight away love exercise, it wasnt magic. BUT the more i stuck around & learnt about the body and health & surrounded myself with healthy happy people from Herbalife ~ it happened naturally. I started being more active & loving it. I am now bringing my kids up in an active & healthy household and nothing feels better. I am so proud of my kids for loving it too & being so cool. If you stick around Herbalife long enough ~ their core values rub off on you & here i am, living a HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE with my kids.

Love this company 💫🌿

Ellen, West Australia

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