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40 Sandpiper Place, WEST LAKES SHORE, SA 5019
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Fulcrum People was established in 1991, and we love what we do. This is demonstrated in our approach which is different to that of our competitors. We work with you to uncover your Learning and Development needs. We incorporate your processes and policies into our programs. We offer tailored programs with each and every client partnering relationship. “Off the Shelf”,”Shrink Wrap” or “One Size Fits All” can never be used to describe our work. This ensures that YOU get what your organisation needs, not what is easiest for us.

We were the first private RTO in South Australia and are considered ‘low risk’ from our governing body. We are registered to deliver in ALL Australian states and territories. We have a 97.3% completion rate, and this is largely because we offer regular 1:1 coaching session with participants at several points throughout our programs.

At Fulcrum People we do not offer public courses and therefore we are able to collaborate with your Organisation to tailor our approach, timing, delivery and assessment methods to meet your organisational needs. Our courses start from $6,000 per participant and do not include travel costs, printing or on-ground expenses. Please contact us to discuss your needs and get a personalised quote.

ROI – We are committed to evaluating our programs to assist you in measuring your return in your investment dollar. An evaluation strategy is established with you at the outset of each program. We use Donald Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of evaluation to do this.

‍Level 1 – Planned reaction and action

· Program participants completes this level of evaluation using evaluation sheets and/or on-line surveys.

‍Level 2 – Learning

· Most programs have inbuilt workplace projects or assignments with a report component to be submitted to assess participants against specific criteria/outcomes. This is to supplement any classroom-based activities using our own or independently developed assessments processes.

‍Level 3 – Application

· Prior to multi-unit programs, participants complete individual learning plans addressing the range of knowledge, skills and attitude required of them. At the completion of the program this process is repeated to identify behavioural evidence that learning has taken place.

‍Level 4 – Impact on business

Identify impact areas where there is a direct link between business results and the training undertaken, e.g.

· Improved Quality Management

· Selling & Customer Service Skills

· Effective Performance Management

· Greater Employee Engagement

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