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There are so many strategies you can try when it comes to dieting, losing weight and keeping your eating habits on track, but these are 5 STRATEGIES I’d like you to keep in mind…👇
I’ve learned many things through my struggles with overcoming 10 years of food addiction and emotional eating.
One of those things is, that by doing small, consistent daily action toward what I DO want… and I keep doing it every day… even when I don’t FEEL like it…that is how I made that real change I was seeking
It is very common for emotional eaters to have a sense of overwhelm and not really knowing where to start or how to turn this behaviour around
How do you start to get your eating habits on track – long term when there has been a history of using food for comfort?
Feeling like this can perpetuate feelings of unworthiness that are already rooted in the emotional eating cycle and end up sabotaging weight loss efforts.💔
You can take control back from emotional eating instead of having the food, the cravings and the crappy feelings dominating you
👇 It’s not by force
👇 It’s not by willpower
👇 It’s not by hoping and praying
(All of which I have tried 😉)
A simple PLAN of 5 small things to do daily will recondition your mind and re-train you brain on what you do want.
Once you get your brain on board with what you do want, the rest will follow quite easily and naturally
I know that sounds hard to believe after all of the struggle you have invested in…this can be easier for you…
Message me and lets chat about what those 5 strategies are so you can start making healthier and more confident food choices for yourself.
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