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We at Every Day PA help manage your household by researching, planning, coordinating and getting stuff done!

You have worked hard to achieve success.

Your work is demanding, but you still find the time to pay your bills, keep on top of your family’s appointment schedule and manage to get your kid to all of their school and extra-curricular activities. You also seem to be spending more time in recent times, helping out your elderly parents.

And while you love your life, and are there for your family, there is very little time left for self-care. Time to

  • switch off and decompress
  • work in your garden
  • read a book
  • start a new hobby or
  • just attend a yoga or exercise class.
There is a whole pile of essential but time-sucking tasks to be done which keeps getting longer each day.
  • A pile of paperwork that you know you need to sort through
  • getting that leaky tap in the bathroom fixed and
  • finding a better deal on your car insurance which has increased by $100 this year. It never stops.

You are passionate about your field and earn good money, but if you want to avoid burnout or worse, you need to take care of yourself.

I bet you are thinking now

“Yeah great Amanda, how exactly am I supposed to do that? All these tasks need to be done and if I don’t do them who will?”


Wouldnt you love to be able to walk in the door and switch off for a change instead of mentally listing off the hundred little jobs you need to get done?

What about being able to enjoy your time off over the weekend without having to run around catching up on chores, home errands and life admin?

Where there’s even time to crack open a book and laze in the sun, head outdoors for an adventure, or even enjoy a guilt-free afternoon nap because boy do you deserve it.


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